SUGAR F7 mini

  • Privacy Protection Function – Apps Lock, Files Lock and Fingerprint unlock
  • 32GB ROM + 4GB RAM
  • Support “2 Accounts” and Full Page Screen Capture
  • 13MP Main Camera and 0.2 Second speedy focus

Privacy Protection – Fingerprint unlock

You can unlock your phone in 0.48 Second even in standby mode. It can unlock different apps by different fingerprint also.

Privacy Protection – Files Lock

Put the important picture, music, video and files into files lock. And use an individual password to protect your privacy

Priavcy Protection – Apps Lock

SUGAR F7 mini will take the intruder by the front camera and it will log down the date and time. You can know which one tried to hack into your phone.

100% Made in Austria, SWAROVSKI Zirconia

SUGAR F7 mini inlay SWAROVSKI Zirconia which includes a laser mark to proof this is 100% made in Austria.

Three Finger for Full Page Screen Capture

Use three fingers to swipe down for full page screen capture. Share with your friend’s easier.

2 Accounts

You can use 2 accounts to receive 2 social media accounts which can divide your work and life.

13MP Main Camera

0.2 Second Speedy Focus

0.2 Second Speedy Focus, You can easily take the picture for the kids.

Professional Mode can let you change the IOS, Exposure and Sharpness.

SUGAR F7 mini can detect the light and focus separately.

8MP Front Camera

Live Make Up Selfie

SUGAR F7 mini has live Make Up function, it can enlarge your eye and smooth your skin. 138 degree front camera is easier to include more people in the photo.