• Aarif Lee Laser Signature at handset back
  • Packed with Aarif Lee Limtied Edition Mirror Box
  • With Limited Edition Member card
  • Charge for 5 minutes, Use for 5 hours

Glamorous design

Hand set with Swarovski Zirconia

SUGAR F7 boasts aircraft-grade duralumin body, curved back panel and 2.5D screen for premium hand feel. Lens on back panel is hand set with Swarovski Zirconia to add luxury subtly.

Real time Handy Mak-up selfie

The French SUGAR professional team designs a handset which meets daily needs of women based on years of R&D. The Make-up Selfie mode automatically produces selfie of V-shaped face, big eyes and delicate skin.

Ultrahigh-speed focusing main camera lens

1300MP main camera lens focuses in 0.2 second, rapidly capturing color, details and saturation of each scene realistically. Clear details produced without image processing.

64+4 ultrahigh-speed in seconds

Support 128GB
Micro SD Card
Full HD
Curved Screen

SUGAR F7 boasts built-in 64GB ROM and supports 128GB micro-SD card for storage of huge volume of data. 4GM RAM pushes speed significantly to facilitate watching footages,TV soap opera and playing games.

Ultrahigh-speed charging for longer battery life

Brand new Quick Charge 3.0 speeds up charging, 3000 mAh further expands battery life. Built-in energy-saving model extends battery life to 30 hours, no more power concern.

Fingerprint unlock in seconds

Unlock with fingerprint at one press, high-speed unlock possible even in standby mode. Unlock different functions with different fingerprints such as ring finger for camera and index finger for social media apps.

Privacy Procteror Apps
Intruder captured

SUGAR boasts unique confidentiality box for storage of photos, music and files under lock. APP can be locked up, a password is needed for unlock. Wrong password would trigger front-facing camera to capture image of intruder.

Bluelight filter app protects eyesight

SUGAR SUGAR F7 adopts hi-tech anti-bluelight technology which effectively reduces shortwave bluelight under eye-protection mode to ease eyes stress when playing games, watching videos and browsing social network.

Full Netcom Dual SIM and 4G function
Dual SIM with 2accounts apps

SUGAR F7 has two SIM slots which are compatible with 4G networks of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. 4G can be conveniently connected with either SIM1 or SIM2 without changing manually. SUGAR boasts dual assistants for simultaneous dual use of Facebook, Whatsapp, LINE and WeChat without keeping any SIM idle.

Brand new use of interface

Switch stylish interface at free will to lead the trend

SMART COVER makes life simple

SUGAR F7 with Smart Cover, you may simply answer calls, check time, switch to music, and set applications with the cover on. It makes life simple and convenient.